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L’Histoire du tube Sammode


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Designer-manufacturer of luminaires since 1927, Sammode invented in 1967 the fluorescent tube, a product become inconic, with unlimited uses. An industrial luminaire, the Sammode tube has won a place of choice in contemporary architecture since the mid-1980s, with the equipment of the Grande Halle de la Villette then the Bibliothèque Nationale de France
In recent years the company has been offering a wide range of fully made in France design luminaires for private residences, catering and hospitality. This book highlights the history of the Sammode tube through conversations with different architects, designers and artists. Photographs unpublished, archival images, intersecting views and white cards entrusted to artists feed the story of an exceptional French industrial history and Sammode’s unique know-how in the history of light.

Sammode, À plein tube
of Christian Simenc

Design : Pierre Guariche
Installation instructions : Notice de montage [lien]
Technical sheet : Fiche technique [lien]

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