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Signed Stefan Diez for Sammode, the AIRMOD suspension light allows different head colours to be combined with a judicious range of interchangeable accessories: perforated collimators, sanded or tinted shades, all serving to sculpt the light and transform your indoor atmosphere!

Ingenious and refined, the AIRMOD Mono suspended light can be installed in a flash, while shipping smart features. Thanks to its rotating attachment disk, adjusting the orientation of each lamp is child’s play. Its suspension wires, flexible and discreet, can be adjusted to your chosen height. Its lamp, free of any power cable, appears light as a feather, but is actually a veritable hub of technology. In a hotel lobby, with its purist design, the Silver version, with its transparent shade and clean lines, will provide neutral and controllable lighting. Above a bar or a kitchen island, a line of Champagne suspensions with perforated collimators exudes elegance and modernity, although you may find yourself falling for the luminous charm of their smoked shades.

Sustainable materials, meticulous finish, multiple possibilities: that’s the Sammode tube in pendant spotlight version! Conceived by Stefan Diez, AIRMOD offers a unique signature for your interior space.

Stefan Diez design for Sammode. All AIRMOD luminaires are designed and manufactured to order in France and Germany.

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