Sammode has been a 100% French manufacturer for nearly 90 years, and its success has been founded on three essential values: fitness for purpose, reliability and longevity. Throughout its history, it has successfully balanced craftsmanship with industrial processes, and its legacy of expertise with cutting-edge technologies to position itself as a designer/manufacturer with control over every stage of production from design through to fabrication, therefore removing any need for subcontractors. This structure allows Sammode to guarantee the strength, sealing system and durability of its products, and do so with great flexibility. The aesthetic finish and functionality of Sammode-developed lighting solutions now set the benchmark for an entire industry.


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At Sammode, the most important things are smart thinking, ingenuity and attention to detail. From the very beginning, our luminaires have been primarily functional and universally recognised for their high performance. Constantly improved and refined over many years, they incorporate the latest technologies and the most effective materials available. Their key characteristics are robust construction, effective sealing system, strength, reliability and adaptability. Its complete control of manufacturing expertise and the production chain means that Sammode can confidently guarantee to deliver the highest quality, especially in extreme environments (from -60°C to 200°C), so that its products are equally suitable for the reactor building of a nuclear power plant and the new interiors of the Dufour Pavilion at the Château de Versailles.

Throughout our history, we have been committed to the quest for durability in the materials we use and the luminaires we produce, rejecting the idea of throwaway products and planned obsolescence, and embracing production economy and appropriate packaging. Our goal has always been to impose the smallest possible environmental footprint.


Sammode is constantly researching and developing new lighting solutions driven by technological progress and its commitment to solving practical problems specific to each customer. A demanding approach to technical issues is central to this commitment, as is minute attention to detail in design and manufacture, both of which contribute to meeting an exacting set of product functionality and durability criteria. For the last decade, the Sammode Research & Innovation Department has been working on the current technological revolution: the LED or Light Emitting Diode. More than any previous development in the history of lighting, this step change offers very impressive opportunities in terms of functionality and energy saving. For Sammode, it represents an extraordinary opportunity for the research-driven development of new products. These major technical challenges will enable the delivery of high-quality, reliable and controlled lighting solutions.


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