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Signed Stefan Diez for Sammode, the MOD spotlight allows different head colours to be combined with a judicious range of interchangeable accessories: solid or perforated collimators, clear or tinted shades, all serving to sculpt the light and transform your indoor atmosphere!

The MOD Duo spotlight with two directional heads will offer you a multitude of possibilities and uses. Made entirely of anodised aluminium, it is very easy to install, thanks to its equipment casing fitted with a snaplock tab. As horizontal wall light or ceiling light, you can accessorise its Black or Bronze version with a tinted shade to bring a sense of character and modernity to your spaces. For a vintage feel, opt for the Champagne version and add an extra dash of elegance and conviviality by choosing an amber-tinted shade.

Sustainable materials, meticulous finish, multiple possibilities: that’s the Sammode tube in spotlight version! Conceived by Stefan Diez, MOD offers a unique signature for your interior space..

Stefan Diez design for Sammode. All MOD luminaires are designed and manufactured to order in France and Germany.

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