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Whether pendant, ceiling mounted or surface mounted, this LED luminaire is ideal for lighting a dining table, a kitchen island or bar, a mirror or simply a hallway. It delivers optimal illumination of horizontal surfaces with a comfortable, glare-free stream of light created by its internal louvres. Purcell comes in a broad choice of finishes: silver, gold, copper, brass or petrol. It is also available in a soberly chic black lacquered version, with reflectors in a soft shade of petrol or brass. The dimmable version offers a multitude of different moods to light up your living spaces. If what you need is a vertical wall light, choose our iconic Elgar! This luminaire is supplied ready to install, fully equipped with its own cable, light source and wall outlet. All our luminaires are manufactured, assembled and packaged at our Châtillon-sur-Saône production plant in the Vosges region of France.

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